In 1999, Abingdon, Virginia combined efforts with Bristol, VA/TN, Johnson City, TN, and Kingsport, TN to compete as a combined Tri-Cities area in the All-America City competition. The effort worked and our Tri-Cities region of NE Tennessee and SW Virginia was awarded the title of one of ten All-America Cities. This year, Abingdon, Virginia has been nominated as a finalist, one of 26, as a stand-alone nominee! The Town of Abingdon staff is working hard to make the case for Abingdon to be an All-America City for 2010!

Several meetings have taken place to determine the plan of attack, including which programs to feature, which pictures and videos to bring, and who to send to Kansas City in June 2010 for the juried competition. The planning and organizing staff, including Town Manager Greg Kelly, Town Clerk Cecile Rosenbaum, Director of Economic Development Jim Cowart, Director of Tourism Myra Cook, Director of I.T. Floyd Bailey, and many others, have put together several items to submit to the AAC nominating board. Abingdon’s featured events are:

  1. Our efforts to combat Childhood Obesity through programs at the Coomes Recreation Center, featuring pictures, videos, and information from Jennifer Johnson, coordinator of Fitness and Wellness programs for the Town
  2. Our efforts to provide cutting-edge technological opportunities to all our citizens, featuring EVA, the Electronic Village of Abingdon with pictures, maps, and information from Floyd Bailey, the Town’s Director of I.T. Services
  3. Our efforts to market and preserve the Historical Value of our town with pictures, videos, and information of all our historical efforts and events, featuring historical reenactor Mike Dahl

The All-America City 2010 Finalist Committee (catchy, huh?) has selected a delegation of Town employees, Town administrators, and Town citizens that will be attending the Finalist presentation in Kansas City from June 15-19 2010. The delegation has been selected based on their contribution to the Town’s selected efforts for the competition, experience and responsibilities in marketing Abingdon as a tourism destination, and robust knowledge and love for the Town itself. Abingdon’s delegation could not be more appropriate for this effort and promises to make a strong showing for this great honor.